The Philly-Gourmet Meat Company got its start — and its name — in 1990 because of the founder’s taste for a sandwich born not far from the company’s Reading, PA headquarters: the Philly Cheesesteak. The company began by manufacturing frozen, all-beef, wafer-thin sandwich steaks destined to be slathered with melted cheese, onions and peppers and then layered between the halves of a plump hoagy roll in classic Philly Cheesesteak style.

Today, Philly-Gourmet Sandwich Steaks are still a cornerstone of the company’s business, but the firm also has branched out to other frozen, portion-controlled foods including burgers and meatballs. And the company’s flagship sandwich steaks aren’t just for Philly Cheesesteaks any more, either.

Now Philly-Gourmet Sandwich Steaks can be cubed for use in a beef taco; wrapped in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes and onions to create a gyros sandwich; used in a beef stir fry or a stroganoff; incorporated in casseroles; sliced into a salad; turned into a fast steak ‘n eggs breakfast; or used in countless other ways — all with just one minute of cooking.
The company also offers two varieties of 100% pure beef patties that come ready to cook right from the freezer — four-ounce Philly-Gourmet Homestyle Patties and six-ounce Philly-Gourmet Thick & Beefy Patties — plus Prima Familia Meatballs that come pre-cooked and pre-seasoned for heat-and-serve use by themselves or in any dish from soups, stews and omelettes to salads, pizza and chili.

Family-owned and operated, the Philly-Gourmet Meat Company remains committed to delivering frozen convenience foods that offer quality, natural ingredients, and affordability. The company’s products are distributed to major supermarkets as well as hotels, restaurants and sandwich shops throughout the U.S. and Bermuda.

Philly-Gourmet. We’re in the kitchen seven days a week — so you don’t have to be.