Q Are your products processed on a line that contains allergens such as dairy, eggs, wheat, barley, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, peas, soy or garlic?

A No nuts are processed anywhere in our plant.


Q Are there any casein ingredients in your products?

A No, we do not use casein as an ingredient in any of our products.


Q Are there vegetable-based or animal-based enzymes in your products?

A All Philly-Gourmet® products contain only naturally occurring meat enzymes.

Wheat & Gluten

Q Are there any wheat-based ingredients or gluten used in your products?

A Philly Gourmet products do not contain wheat-based ingredients or gluten.


Q Is there MSG in any of your products?

A No. We do not find it necessary to add flavor enhancers, such as MSG, to any of our products.


Q Do any of your products contain wheat, oats, barley or modified food starch like wheat starch, potato starch or others?

A No.

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